Manga Keitt

Mango Pulp

Biodynamic | Organic Product

Frozen pasteurized mango pulp, certified as Organic/Biodynamic. It is neither fermented nor diluted. The pulp is obtained from the edible part of the mango (Mangifera indica, L), from the varieties Tommy Atkins and Keitt.

Color: Yellow.

Flavor: Sweet, slightly acid, typical.

Brix: 11º to 22º

Aroma: Typical.

Metallic drum. Net weight: 180 kg
Plastic bucket. Net weight: 4 kg


Mango Pulp

Suggested Use

Juices, ice creams, pies and sweets


Keep at -18ºC. Good for 3 years.

Certified Product

Why consume organic or biodynamic products?

Nutritious, tasty and healthy foods – In balanced soils, plants grow healthier; from them, more nutritious foods are yielded, that is, natural properties such as aroma, color, flavor, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins are preserved. Only by consuming organic products is it possible to appreciate the natural flavor of food. This offers our consumers the certainty that they are purchasing foods that fully comply with the principles of Food Safety, that is, Nutritious, Safe and Environmentally Correct foods.

Socio-cultural and economic responsibility – When we consume organic foods, we are being socially responsible, contributing to the conservation and preservation of the environment, valuing the workforce, and supporting social causes related to the protection of workers and the elimination of child labor.

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It is pasteurized, frozen, processed under suitable hygiene conditions, not fermented, undiluted, without fibers and obtained from the edible part of the mango (Mangífera indica, L) of the Tommy Atkins and Keitt varieties. WHOLE, WITHOUT ADDING WATER, WITHOUT SUGAR AND PESTICIDES! Certified as Organic / Biodynamic by Instituto Biodinâmico – IBD

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 4 teaspoons (100g)

Amount per serving % DV (*)
Calories 59kcal=248kj 2
Carbohydrates 15,4g 2
Proteins 0,5g 1
Total fat 0,2g 0
Saturated fat 0g 0
Trans fat 0g -
Dietary fiber 1,1g 4
Sodium 6,7g 0

(*) %Daily reference values based on a 2,000Kcal or 8,400kJ diet. These values can be higher or lower, depending on your caloric needs. ** DV not established.