Artigos e Estudos

Seasonality of Coleoptera in the Caatinga

Two characteristic habitats in this region were investigated regarding the seasonal variation in the beetle's fauna, near an evergreen riparian forest and at a deciduous xerophytic vegetation in Paraíba state, in northeastern Brazil.

Numia terebintharia record in Brazil

The present note reports the occurrence of caterpillars of the species Numia terebintharia Guenée consuming leaves of evergreen trees of Ziziphus joazeiro Mart. in a site with xerophilous deciduous Caatinga vegetation in that region.

Spirulina from Tamanduá Farm

The World Health Organization declared Spirulina “the best food for humanity” in 1974. The Tamanduá Farm Institute, incubator of projects designed to make the sertão viable, decided in the 1980s to face this challenge, developing adequate means and food.